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Dry Desulfurization

  • Type:Biogas desulfurization dehydration series
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Dry Desulfurization

 Brief Introduction
Dry desulfurization system is a standardized desulfurization technology of our company specially designed and manufactured with the cycle and relevant data for the customers according to the hydrogen sulfide (H2S) content and the real gas volume. The size of the outer shape and inner structure is customized. The size of the desulfurization equipment is different for different gases, different H2S content and pressure in different gases. The desulfurization system is suitable for the low content of hydrogen sulfide, small gas volume and high desulfurization, which best guarantees the extended lifespan of generator and the subsequent equipment.



 Performance and Characteristics

1. The structure is simple, and easy to use.
2. During the working process, it can be unattended with only regular material reloading, one with a preparation, and alternative operation.
3. Comparing with the wet desulfurization, it needs regular material reloading.
4. It is suitable for the treatment of gas with small volume, gas for high desulfurization rate. With the rapid detection of hydrogen sulfide test tube to determine the effect of inorganic sulfur removal, it can reach to 15ppm.


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