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Double Membrane Gas Storage Tank

  • Type:Gas holder
  • Applications:Gas holder,gas storage tank
  • Description:The external shape is 3/4 ball or hemisphere, which is fixed on the cement base by the steel rail.


Double Membrane Gas Storage Tank

Brief Introduction
Double membrane gas storage tank is designed and manufactured by our company. Our company can provide services such as technology research and development, customization and installation instructions. The company adopts advanced German flexible gas container design and production process, and has professional manufacturing equipment to produce gas storage tanks of excellent performance.


 Performance and Characteristics

The external shape is 3/4 ball or hemisphere, which is fixed on the cement base by the steel rail. The main body is made by the processed special polyester material, and it mainly consists of the bottom membrane (integrated gasholders are without bottom membrane), inner and outer membrane, and the safe water seal for inner and outer membrane, stainless steel constant voltage control gasholder and auxiliary materials. The bottom membrane is mainly used for the foundational seal, so as to realize the anti-corrosion, anti-leakage, simplified installation and long service period which the traditional infrastructure can’t fulfill. The inner membrane is used to separate the biogas, and regulating the pressure of the gas, which has the ability of resisting corrosion and various microorganisms, excellent fireproof and it also complies with German standards for related products.
The double membrane storage tank with constant pressure are made of special membrane material imported from Germany, and the membrane is produced by the specially processed polyester material with both sides coated with polyvinyl chloride. The membrane has the ability to resist ultraviolet rays and a variety of microorganisms, and it is high wear-resistant as well. The cut is fused by the HF technology. The main material of the membrane is PVDF (PTFE), which resists corrosion, aging, microorganisms and ultraviolet rays and so on, and the fireproof level reaches B1; the tensile strength of the membrane is greater than 4000 N/ 5 cm. The inner membrane of the gas tank is anticorrosive and its lifespan can reach more than 25 years.


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